Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is a Squash?

Squash is a racket sport that is played on an enclosed four-walled court. The ball can be bounced off any wall within the marked lines; every shot must come off the front wall before hitting the ground. It is normally played by two players, but doubles squash is also a recognised sport. The object of the game is to win points by ensuring that your opponent is unable to return your shot before the ball bounces twice.

02. When was the Squash started?

Squash, or 'Squash Rackets' as it was known in its early days, was invented at Harrow School, England, around 1830 and grew gradually until the 1960s, when it suddenly exploded in popularity worldwide. The reason for the dramatic growth is easily explained; squash is a sport which combines fitness, fun and competition and delivers all of this in an hour of intense and absorbing action.

Squash is now played in 140 countries worldwide, of which 118 are members of the World Squash Federation. Over 15 million players compete regularly on over 50,000 dedicated squash courts. Squash is played in The World Games, Asian Games, All Africa Games, Pan-American Games and Commonwealth Games. An application to be included in the programme of the Olympic Games was presented to the IOC. Squash also has annual World Championships for men, women and juniors in both individual and team formats.

03. How is squash being played?

Squash is played by two players on an enclosed court with a floor area of 9.75 meters by 6.4 meters. The players strike the ball alternately on to the front wall, which is 4.75 meters high and has an 'out of bounds' board measuring 480 mm across the bottom.

A match is the best of five games. Each game is played to nine points, unless the score reaches eight-all. At eight-all the receiver (non-server) has to choose to play either to nine points (known as "Set One") or to ten points (known as "Set Two"). (There is no requirement that a player needs to be two points ahead to win a game.)

Points are scored only by the server. When the server wins a rally he or she scores a point; when the receiver wins a rally he or she becomes the server.

04. What is the History of Squash?
For over 1000 years man has invented and enjoyed a variety of games played by hitting a ball with either a closed fist - as in "fives" or "bunch of fingers" - or with some form of bat or racket. Around the year 1148 the French played "le Paume", meaning "the palm of the hand", which developed into Jeu de Paume, Real Tennis, Royal Tennis or, if you play the sport, simply Tennis. At sometime in the early 19th century this obsession with rackets and balls spawned another variety of the sport in the unlikely birthplace of the Fleet Prison in London. The prisoners in žThe FleetÓ, mainly debtors, took their exercise by hitting a ball against walls, of which there were many, with rackets and so started the game of žRacketsÓ. Rackets progressed, by some strange route, to Harrow and other select English schools about 1820 and it was from this source that our own sport of Squash, or Squash Rackets, developed.

Source: World Squash Federation (WSF)